Equity Research Association

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Academic Plan

Fall semester
Spring semester
Equity research projects
Investment philosophy and essentials (included four important books)
In the spring semester, the club will conduct 1-3 real equity research projects to apply the essential skills to the real investing world.
For example, in the previous semester, ERA researched the large-cap banking industry in the U.S. The research narrowed to 5 companies that are more promising related to future performance. In the project, we apply the investment philosophy, financial modeling, investment analysis, etc., that we learned before to make a deep and professional project.
Understanding essential technical and research skills for Equity Research (including accounting, financial modeling, research methods, etc.)

1. Equity Research
New Energy
Digital Currency

We will conduct stock research in the form of reports in areas such as entertainment, digital currencies, new energy, and IT, ranging from quick updates or "flash reports" to in-depth "launch coverage" reports. Gies College of Business professors and specialized equity researchers serve as club advisors to guide and endorse our research reports
2. Career

We provide career consulting to members aiming to work in the equity research industry or any other financial industry to fulfill their career development needs. We help aspiring students tackle recruiting roadblocks, and provide them with professional advice and guidance.

We provide technical interview training to members, especially helping them develop technical skills like financial valuation, and behavioral skills, such as fast-learning ability, communication skills, and independent thinking ability.

Mock Interview
Technical for ER
3. Value Investment

We created a system for members to learn about the stock market and formulate investment ideas by providing them with resources in three major fields: investment philosophy, technical knowledge, and practical operation. Resources include book analysis, online courses, financial modeling boot camps, and lectures provided by professional guest speakers.

Investment Philosophy
Technical Knowledge
Practical Operation
Equity Research Association